Press Application

Registration deadline is October 17th, 2019. Please apply in advance. All press submissions will be carefully considered and approved at our discretion. Each accepted press application allows for up to four (4) press badges. These badges are non-transferable, and those picking up the badge will need to show proper identification to prove their association with the press company they are representing. We request all applicants provide links to, or a copy of, coverage of the convention sent to

  1. Organization / Publication Name
  2. Website Address
  3. Social Media Links
  4. Type of Media Outlet
  5. First Name
  6. Last Name
  7. E-Mail Address
  8. Phone Number
    1. List an appropriate phone number we can use to reach you during the convention.
  9. Address Line 1
  10. Address Line 2
  11. City, State, Zip
  12. Country
  13. Example Link to Previous Event Coverage 1
  14. Example Link to Previous Event Coverage 2
  15. Example Link to Previous Event Coverage 3
  16. Additional information you believe should be considered:

Qualifications for a Complimentary Press Badge

Every person attending must be able to meet and supply some or all of the following items.

  1. Legitimate News and Press outlet organizations (including College Press).
  2. Must have been in operation for at least two years.
  3. Business cards with full name, title, contact information and organization logo.
  4. We cannot accept business cards without a printed name and contact information.
  5. Web-based outlets may need to provide traffic analytics, upon request.

The following will NOT be considered for a Press badge. You may still apply, and we will take you into consideration for a complimentary badge:

  1. Personal blogs
  2. Cosplay photographers
  3. Photo galleries
  4. Microbloggers

Photographers that charge attendees for photoshoots on the convention premises WILL NOT be considered for a Press or a complimentary badge. You are invited to purchase an attendee badge.

Application submission will close on October 17th, 2019. There will be extremely limited press registration on site. Please pre-register by the deadline above. Thank you

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