Interested In Being A Guest?

How would you like to be a featured Guest or Influencer here at Hentai Con? Please fill out our application and once it gets through our review process we’ll contact you and let you know if you were accepted.

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Artists’ Alley Table Registration

Want to be in the Artists’ Alley? Do you have an amazing crafting or artistic skill that you would like to share with the world (of southern california)? Then set up your crafts at the Artists’ Alley. Anything from drawings, jewelry, pins, stickers and more, as long as it’s your own handiwork, you can sell it to fans just like yourself. This pass will get you everything you need to share your crafts at Hentai Con!

Artists’ Alley

Exhibitor Registration

Are you a business or entrepreneur looking to bring your awesome wares face to face with thousands of potential customers? Then make sure you purchase a space at the exhibit hall today! This pass will get you everything you need to set up for an awesome weekend at Hentai Con.


Events Registration

Have a great idea for an event you’d love to host here at Hentai Con? Or are you looking to showcase your skills or talents to other enthusiasts? Whether you’re a performer, singer, interested in fashion, sports or Karaoke, we’d love to hear from you! Submit your application and we’ll let you know if you can hold your event here at Hentai Con.


Fan Table Registration

No merchandise may be sold at these tables, however, events are allowed to bring tablets for on-site ticket purchases online. A Fan Table consists of one (1) table and two (2) chairs, as well as up to four (4) Full Weekend badges per company/brand. All representatives must be eighteen (18) years of age or older to attend Hentai Con.


Programming Registration

Have a particular panel you’ve always wanted to present to an audience of fellow anime lovers? If so sign up to lead a panel or a workshop! Applying does not guarantee a spot on the Hentai Con panel schedule. We intend to put forth the best programming that we can, and one way we are striving to do so is through screening our panel submissions. For us to properly review your submission, please provide us with an accurate and complete submission, and a recent recording of your complete presentation.

If your submission is not filled out completely, it may be subject to an immediate dismissal. Please note that, should your panel be accepted, you will be given up to 4 badges for all those participating in said panel. Those names will be cited from your application, so please make sure all of your information is correct.

If you have any changes or updates to your information, or your panelists information, please contact us immediately.


Swap Meet Registration

Have any items you’ve been dying to sell? Always find yourself looking for the best deal or willing to barter to get it? Then come on down to Hentai Con’s Swap Meet! Set right outside the Exhibit Hall after hours, when our wonderful vendors have packed up for the day, we’re giving our attendees the opportunity to sell and barter their wares. Who knows? You might stumble upon something valuable or a collectible.

In order to get access to Hentai Con’s Swap Meet, you must first have purchased either a Single (1) Day Badge or a Full Weekend (3 Day) Badge. The Single (1) Day Badge only allows you access to the Swap Meet same day.

Swap Meet

Volunteer Registration

Are you 18 years or older and wondered what goes into running a convention? Do you want to get experience in anything from building stages, running lights, organizing people and setting up events? Then sign right up to volunteer for Hentai Con!

Whether you have a particular skill set (photography, design, first aid, organization, etc), or just want to help make this the best convention of the year, sign up on the form below and we’ll contact you to set you up with your point person.