Augusta Gail

Augusta Gail (also known as Loli Demon) is a multi-faceted bubblegum hentai model, cosplayer, musician, and a kink-focused XXX-rated artist! She works for several sex clubs/parties across the country, is a part of the Kiss Pink Maid Cafe, as well as  producing her own real-life hentai, and was recently on the new EPIX tv show, “Sex Life.” 
Augusta says, “Basically, sex and anime make up most of my life and career, which is honestly a dream come true! I love creating super kawaii, lewd cosplays, doing crazy, nsfw photoshoots, and being the naughtiest, cutest demon you’ve ever seen. I’m also very passionate about speaking up and out about sex positivity, respect and safety for sex workers and cosplayers, and exploring and embracing one’s fetishes and kinks!”

“My favorite color is pink, my favorite anime shows are Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill, and Nurse Witch Komugi, and my favorite food is coffee. Yay, okay I think that’s it! I’m SO SO excited to be a part of Hentaicon, and I can’t wait to meet everyone!”

You can find Augusta online at or