Hentai-Con Nov. 2nd - 4th Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport

The hottest Otaku comedians gather at HentaiCon to present you an hour of quality NSFW standup. Featuring comedians Marcelous Sammuel, Paul “Blaqskillz” DeCuir, Lemar Harris, Sharra Lou and SOAP!


Raised in South Central by his Grandparents, Marcelous is a proud Father, Husband and NERD! Now living in Monterey Park with his wife and in-laws, Marcelous embarks on a long-dreamed career in comedy. With a passion for comic books, cartoons, anime, and technology, Marcelous uses his unique outlook on reality to raise his son and keep his wife from leaving him while enjoying life and staying out of jail. He has written, produced and hosted comedy shows for “The Ice House”, “The Comedy Store”, “iO West and Lyric Hyperion Theater” while performing alongside the likes of Margaret Cho, Bill Burr and Melanie Vessey. Currently he’s writing and producing material for LycanNerdtv (YouTube) and LycanNerd.com


Aside from a stint of recognition via Street Fighter, Paul “Blaqskillz” DeCuir got his comedy debut in 2011 at the Pasadena “Ice House”. From there, he has carefully been tweaking and expanding his passion for comedy and gaming to a whole new level. He’s performed at “The Comedy Store”, the late “LA Pizza”, and a wide variety around the spots Cali had to offer. He found himself with the task of judging “Anime Expo 2015” and never looked back. His sharp wit, broad perspective and understanding of the multiple types of comedy and how it could pertain to a single persona, are what allow him to break down what needs to be done to improve and bring out the best in someone’s comedic endeavors.


After barely winning “The Late Comedy Showdown” at Anime Expo in 2016, Lemar decided to dive head first into Anime Comedy. Over the last 2 years he has performed at Anime Conji, Anime Pasadena, Nerdbot Con, Anime Los Angeles aka ALA, Fanime, and Anime Expo as a comedian, storyteller, Karaoke god, and just a normal panelist. He strongly believes Goku is a bad father, and that everyone loves Bible Black.


Sharra Lou is a proud Filipino lesbian, who once struggled with social anxiety. She now finds comfort through expressing her stories on stage and other media. Using a pen and a microphone to make sense of her world, she wishes to connect with all audiences.


“Most of the time these bios are written in third person which I always thought was weird, but it’s the accepted, professional method- which is even weirder to me since 9 times out of 10 the author of the bio is also the topic of it. I mean, if an employer asked you to describe yourself during an interview, would you do it in third person? Never mind, it doesn’t matter, the bottom line is I’m Soap, I won Anime Expo’s “Late Comedy Showdown” for the third time this year, and I guess I’m doing Hentai Con now.” ~Soap