Hentai-Con Nov. 2nd - 4th Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport

LA Kink Community will be holding multiple panels through-out Hentai-Con to educate and instruct those with an interest or curiosity in the BDSM community


Asphyxiation has been doing BDSM for over ten years. His love for BDSM stemmed from early Nine inch nails and Marylin Manson videos. The images of tied up people, chains and whips sparked his natural curiosity of the BDSM culture. In his later years while working in the adult industry Asphyxiation was taught the meaning of BDSM thanks to the established men and women who worked closely with the company he had worked at. Since then asphyxiation was mentored and taught as a leatherman. He now performs at nightclubs, demos at events, teaches alongside other established BDSM community members, and DMs at Sanctuary.


Mistress Porcelain Midnight Is a Professional Dominatrix with over 10 years in the BDSM and kink Industry. She is the Head Mistress and owner of The Midnight Manor. A DomCon Advisory Board Member, And is a Fetish model and performer.


Orpheus Black – Southwest M/s Titleholder 2016 & 2015 California’s Leather Master/slave titleholder – is a published author and erotic educator, specializing in Esoteric SM, non-monogamous relationships, and erotic meditation. This two-time Bawdy Story telling champion has been traveling the country teaching his fun and light-hearted educational events for more than a two decade.


I feel accepted most when I’m in latex and kink wear in general. When I was in middle school I started reading medical story books and I found medical military books. The artist was Rubex. Lots of latex and kinky fantasies were involved in the artwork. I’ve been into latex, medical kink and femdom situations ever since.


“Truth and twinkle have been in a 24/7 D/s relationship together for the last year but have each been in the community for much longer prior to that. They both are consummate students of kink and love to share what they have learned by performing, educating, and being active members in the Los Angeles scene. Though their primary dynamics include DDlg and shibari/kinabaku they also enjoy ageplay, petplay, various forms of impact and other darker types of power exchange. “


Exceter Miles has been an active member of the Los Angeles Kink and Fetish community for nearly a decade. After a lengthy year-long intensive training, he formed a performance troupe called “The OtherWorld Fetish” that did shows weekly for a year. Since then, he’s taught classes, demos, and participated in kink taster events at Threshold Society, Sanctuary LAX, Sex Positive Los Angeles, and various other community events.


Award-winning bondage artist, BDSM educator, and fetish nerd queen, Ms Nikki Nefarious is happy to share her love of rope. The creator of the Bondage Certification, Ms Nikki Nefarious is the only professional fetish artist to have artifacts in the Hard Rock Cafe Archives. You may have seen Her work in Rhianna’s “S&M” music video or Zalman King’s final feature film “Pleasure or Pain” where she was cast as herself, or in the award-winning silent film “Rubber Bordello.” Ms Nikki Nefarious grew up in the Carolinas and her artistic mastery of rope bondage has led her all around the world as a performer and educator.