Hentai-Con Nov. 2nd - 4th Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport

MYTH is an exciting evening show combining voice actors, singers, magicians, variety talents, celebrities, cosplay, dance, and burlesque into one giant show unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! MYTH is the most anticipated 18+ annual event at Anime Expo and will now be making its debut at Hentai Con!  “GO. SEE. THIS. SHOW!” ~Racket Magazine.

William Draven

The producer of MYTH, Draven has appeared on multiple TV shows such as “Masters of Illusion”, “Don’t Blink”, “The Late Late Show”, and “True Nightmares”.  Draven is a master of mental illusions and death defying sideshow style stunts.

Delilah DeMilo

The Dangerously Delicious, The Delightfully Dark, Delilah DeMilo

Harley Harpurr

Raised in the desert of Joshua Tree California, Harley Harpurr had one hell of a childhood. Catching lizards and snakes, dancing in abandoned shacks, and running around under the bright moonlight, Harley was a wild one. She always found beauty in the desert, with all of its spikey plants and dried up bone remains of animals. She embraced her love for the dead and rather unusual taste in art even though it was frowned upon. Realizing that she is different than your typical girl, she carried on anyway and moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue dancing. After college, she fell into the world of burlesque and has been named “Goth Barbie” and “The Devil’s Purrfect Pinup” in the burlesque community. Now with her own burlesque troupe, The Damn Devillez, and apart of many other troupes, Harley expresses her theatrical art more than ever. With her combination of sex, blood, and rock n roll, there’s no one like her and her fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jeff Clark

A social media monster, this cosplay photographer has been killing audiences with his comedic styles since Anime Expo 2015.


A rising talent in the burlesque world.  Nova is a spirited performer and cosplayer who debuted her burlesque talents on the stages of MYTH for the first time in 2013.  On top of her cosplay and burlesque skills she also does a bit of modeling when she can find the time in her busy schedule.

Vixen DeVille

Using her powers for merriment and mirthful mischief, Vixen has bewitched audiences around the world.  Headliner bookings at a range of venues and event nights all over the world, with T.V. appearances on Channel 4, BBC3 and ITV2 and Charing Cross Theatre working with celebrities and laymen alike.