(Burbank, California, October 5, 2019) Due to extreme technical adversities and circumstances beyond our ability to tame, we have painfully concluded to cancel Hentai-Con at the Burbank Marriott (Nov 1- 3, 2019). The causes for this conclusion rests chiefly with one of our third party data service provider and compatibility issues with our venue.

All attendee, vendor, and artist badge or booth purchases will be refunded as soon as we are able. If you have questions, concerns or experiencing issues relating to this matter, please email registration@hentaicon.com. All flights and hotel cancellations should be addressed at the source.

We’re sincerely apologetic to any and all inconveniences resulting from this cancelation. We were very much looking forward to the second year of America’s first Hentai-Con. Despite our difficulties with one of our data service provider and venue, we already have a different venue lined up for 2020.

The team is more frustrated than sad by the situation. As each officer has 10-20 years of convention experience, our collective experience quickly yielded the wisdom against rebooting all the panel, vendor applications with only a month until the event date. As a matter of internal policy, we regularly backup our own data once a month so all data before September 2019 has not been corrupted. Hentai-Con also had several offers of alternative locations with consideration of postponing the event until late November or December. After some research, this was not deemed reasonable for the public patience and the unique content intended for Hen- tai-Con.

How big was Hentai-Con 2019 projected to be? Before our data service provider was compromised, we had more pre registration sales than 2018 with still another month to go. Since the anime con demographic tends to acquire their badges under a month to an event, we were preparing for a more than doubling of last year’s population. As of the writing of this letter, we are already larger than 2018.

From the one hundred volunteers of Hentai-Con 2019, we give thanks for your attention and homage for your faith in us. To the doubters and the injured, we hope to make amends in 2020.

For all inquiries, please contact info@hentaicon.com.



How are refunds being handled?

All attendee, vender and artist alley purchases will be refunded. If you have complications or concerns, please contact registration@hentaicon.com or info@hentaicon.com

How does one cancel their hotel rooms?

Please contact the Burbank Marriott directly at (818) 843-6000. Below is an official Marriott link regarding canceling reservation procedure. https://www.marriott.com/help/reservation-assistance/changing-confirming-reservation.mi

Why is Hentai-Con 2019 canceled?

Two dominating factors that made Hentai-Con 2019 untenable was one of our data service provider corrupting our data and our hentai content having compatibility issues with the venue.

When was it decided to cancel the event? Why the delay?

It was decided on Oct 2nd after our data returned to us corrupted and thus unreliable. There was a process and procedure to canceling an event to which included rebuilding our attendee and vendor contact list manually, informing large contracts, sponsors, corporate collaborations and preparing our accounts to match the expected refunds.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, everyone’s personal and financial information is safe.

Is Hentai-Con taking legal action?

This has been discussed internally and plans are being made accordingly.

Hentai-Con 2019 had the option to continue but choose not to. Why?

We strongly considered postponing the event to buffer the time needed for the damaged services and info to be recovered. In doing so, all our contracts would have to be redone, as well as a quasi rebooting of all policies. Refunds would have to be offered anyway as some may not be able to commit to the new dates.

Will Hentai-Con comeback? If so, where?

Due to the popularity with attendee feedback, sales activity, online activity and industry interest, Hentai-Con has a bright future ahead. Mindful of our experiences thus far, we will pick a new location safe to the unique content that our name embodies.